Kids True Colors

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In the Kids True Color game, matching colors with their written names can be trickier than you think! This fun and educational game is perfect for budding artists and anyone looking to sharpen their color recognition skills. You don't need to be an aspiring artist to enjoy this game. Here's how it works: the pencil will display a color, and a word below will describe a different color. If they match, press the green button. If not, press the red.

1. Objective: Match colors with their corresponding written names to test your color recognition skills.

2. Gameplay: A pencil will display a color, while a word below describes a different color.

3. Matching: If the color and its written name match, press the green button. If not, press the red button.

4. Accuracy: Make sure to match as many colors correctly as possible within the given time limit.

5. Enjoyment: Have fun while learning and testing your color knowledge in this educational game!

Get ready to challenge yourself with Kids True Colors!


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