Viking Escape

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In Viking Escape, you command a Viking riding atop a dragon through a treacherous forest infested with goblins and mutants. Your goal is to guide the Viking safely to the exit while overcoming obstacles and enemies along the way. The Viking can wield various weapons, while the dragon unleashes a scorching flame. Aid the Viking in navigating the perilous forest, gathering points, and stocking up on ammunition to enhance survival chances!

Instructions for Viking Escape:

1. Objective: Guide the Viking and their dragon companion through a dark forest filled with goblins and mutants to reach the exit.

2. Controls: Take control of the Viking's movements and the dragon's fire-breathing abilities.

3. Weapons: The Viking can throw different types of weapons to fend off enemies encountered along the way.

4. Dragon's Flame: Utilize the dragon's fiery breath to clear obstacles and defeat adversaries.

5. Survival: Help the Viking survive the forest journey by avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies.

6. Points and Ammunition: Collect as many points and ammunition as possible to enhance the Viking's chances of survival.

7. Progression: Navigate through the forest, overcoming challenges and obstacles to reach the end.

8. Enjoyment: Immerse yourself in the adventure of Viking Escape and enjoy the thrill of the journey!

Guide the Viking safely through the forest and aid them in their quest for escape!


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