Mummy Candies

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The mummy emerges from its slumber only on Halloween, eager to gather as much candy as possible! Reach out and grab the delicious treats while aiming to accumulate sufficient points to progress through each level. Strategically utilize your candy to purchase upgrades, but be cautious not to overspend, as you may struggle to complete all 20 levels.

1. Objective: Help the mummy collect as much candy as possible to earn points and progress through each level.

2. Gameplay: Use your mouse or touchscreen to control the mummy's movements and grab candies.

3. Points: Collect candies to accumulate points and advance through the game.

4. Upgrades: Use your earned points to strategically purchase upgrades to enhance the mummy's abilities.

5. Budgeting: Be mindful of your spending, as overspending may hinder your progress in completing all 20 levels.

6. Enjoyment: Immerse yourself in the Halloween-themed adventure and enjoy the challenge of Mummy Candies!

Get ready to embark on a candy-collecting journey with the mummy!


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