Fish World Match 3

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Fish World is a straightforward match 3 game. Tap the screen to drag and drop fish to earn a high score.

1. Objective: Play the match 3 game and aim to earn a high score by matching fish.

2. Gameplay: Tap the screen to drag and drop fish to create matches of three or more of the same type.

3. Matching: Match fish horizontally or vertically to clear them from the board and earn points.

4. Strategy: Plan your moves carefully to create chain reactions and earn bonus points.

5. Power-Ups: Look out for special fish that can help you clear more fish from the board at once.

6. Challenges: Face increasingly difficult levels as you progress through the game.

7. Enjoyment: Have fun playing Fish World Match 3 and challenge yourself to beat your highest score!

Get ready to dive into the underwater world of match 3 fun with Fish World!


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