Car Backwheel

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Experienced racers have seen it all, but in Car Backwheel, you're in for a unique challenge. This race can't start because the car has lost a wheel, leaving it stranded at the starting line. Your mission? Find and roll the wheel to the car. It's a crucial component without which the car can't move. Guide the wheel through obstacles, jumping over gaps, pushing boxes, and collecting coins to reunite it with the car.

1. Objective: Help the stranded car by finding and rolling its lost wheel to it.

2. Gameplay: Navigate obstacles to guide the wheel to the car, which is stranded without it.

3. Controls: Use arrow keys or swipe gestures to move the wheel and overcome obstacles.

4. Obstacles: Jump over gaps and push boxes to climb onto high platforms.

5. Collectibles: Gather coins along the way to earn points and bonuses.

6. Progression: Advance through levels by successfully reuniting the wheel with the car.

7. Enjoyment: Have fun tackling the unique challenge of Car Backwheel and overcoming obstacles!

Get ready to embark on an adventure to reunite the car with its missing wheel in Car Backwheel!


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