Speed Racer

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Speed Racer is a game that tests your caution and control while driving at high speeds. The race takes place on an oval track where you must navigate and avoid a racer driving in the opposite direction. With each lap, your speed increases gradually. Be careful when swerving to avoid crashing into the other car. Accept the challenge solo or compete with your friends in two-player mode!

1. Objective: Navigate the oval track and avoid crashing into the other racer.

2. Controls: Use the arrow keys to control your car. Up arrow to accelerate, left and right arrows to steer.

3. Opponent: Another racer will be driving in the opposite direction. Avoid collisions by carefully steering your car.

4. Increasing Speed: With each lap, your car’s speed will increase, making it more challenging to avoid the opponent.

5. Caution: Be mindful of your swerves to prevent crashing into the other car.

6. Game Modes: Play solo to test your skills or compete with a friend in two-player mode.

Challenge yourself or a friend to see who can handle the increasing speed and avoid crashes the longest!


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