Fruit Snake

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The concept is simple: eat fruit, grow larger, and keep the clock ticking. But if you're constantly doubling back because you missed a piece, your game won't last long. And watch out for accidentally biting yourself! You can get away with it twice, but the third time will be the end. Good luck, and may your fruit snake thrive and prosper!

1. Objective: Eat fruit to grow larger and keep the clock ticking.

2. Gameplay: Control the snake to collect fruit scattered across the screen.

3. Movement: Use arrow keys or swipe gestures to navigate the snake.

4. Growth: Each fruit eaten makes the snake longer.

5. Caution: Avoid accidentally biting yourself, as three bites will end the game.

6. Strategy: Plan your moves carefully to avoid trapping yourself or missing fruit.

7. Enjoyment: Have fun playing Fruit Snake and aim for a high score!

Get ready to guide your fruit snake to success in this classic game!


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