Tank Arena

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As a tank commander, your mission is to obliterate all enemy tanks! Take charge, maneuver your tank in the war zone, and eliminate opposing tanks before they destroy you. Full speed ahead, aim, and fire in Tank Arena!

1. Objective: Take control of your tank and destroy all enemy tanks in the war zone.

2. Controls: Use arrow keys to navigate your tank and aim at enemy tanks. Press the space bar to shoot.

3. Gameplay: Maneuver your tank strategically to avoid enemy fire while aiming and shooting at enemy tanks.

4. Enemies: Watch out for enemy tanks trying to destroy you. Take them down before they get you!

5. Progression: Advance through levels by successfully destroying all enemy tanks.

6. Enjoyment: Immerse yourself in the intense tank battles of Tank Arena and aim for victory!

Get ready to command your tank to victory in Tank Arena!


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