Fishing Frenzy

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For those who are impatient, there's the option to fish the "easy way" by dropping a bomb into the water and watching the fish fly! Each bomb dropped results in a significant increase in your score. Time it well, ensure there are plenty of fish around, and let it fly. Experience a true Fishing Frenzy, arcade style!

1. Objective: Enjoy an arcade-style fishing experience and aim for a high score.

2. Gameplay: Use bombs to catch fish and watch your score soar.

3. Strategy: Time your bomb drops carefully to maximize the number of fish caught.

4. Scoring: Each fish caught with a bomb increases your score significantly.

5. Challenges: Face the challenge of catching as many fish as possible within the time limit.

6. Enjoyment: Have fun playing Fishing Frenzy and compete to achieve the highest score!

Get ready for an exhilarating fishing adventure in Fishing Frenzy!


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