Fruit Slasher

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If you've been slicing fruit all day without breaking your record, it's time to level up your skills! Master the art of combos by slicing two or more pieces of fruit with a single stroke and unlock generous arcade-style bonuses. That's your ultimate fruit slasher tip – now, get slicing!

1. Slicing Technique: Swipe across the screen to slice fruits into pieces.

2. Combos: Aim to slice two or more pieces of fruit with a single swipe to create combos.

3. Bonus Points: Enjoy generous arcade-style bonus points for successful combos.

4. Objective: Slice as many fruits as possible to achieve the highest score.

5. Speed: Test your speed and accuracy as the fruits move faster with each level.

6. Enjoyment: Have fun challenging yourself and mastering the art of fruit slashing!

Get ready to slice and dice your way to victory in Fruit Slasher!


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