Ranger VS Zombies

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Eliminate all the zombies in Ranger vs Zombies. Help the courageous sheriff jump, dodge, and shoot down the undead! Control the game using W, the Up Arrow, and the Space bar, or use the onscreen controls.

1. Objective: Your goal is to eliminate all the zombies.

2. Controls: Use the W key, Up Arrow key, or Space bar to make the ranger jump and dodge obstacles.

3. Shooting: Automatically shoot at zombies as you encounter them.

4. Precision: Time your jumps and shots carefully to avoid zombies and obstacles.

5. Onscreen Controls: Alternatively, use the onscreen controls for easy navigation.

6. Survive: Keep moving forward, eliminate all zombies, and survive as long as possible.

Get ready to take down hordes of zombies as the fearless ranger!


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