Arnie Attack

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Welcome to Arnie Attack, an exciting shooting platform game! Take control of the soldier navigating through the jungle, collecting diamonds, eliminating enemies within a limited time, and completing each level. Your mission consists of finishing five challenging levels. Use the arrow keys to move Arnie and the spacebar to shoot. Enjoy the adrenaline rush!

1. Objective: Assume the role of a soldier in the jungle and complete missions by collecting diamonds, eliminating enemies within a time limit, and finishing each level.

2. Controls: Use the arrow keys to move Arnie through the jungle. Press the spacebar to shoot enemies.

3. Gameplay: Navigate through five challenging levels, collecting diamonds and defeating enemies while managing your time wisely.

4. Challenges: Encounter various obstacles and adversaries as you progress, requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes to overcome.

5. Enjoyment: Immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Arnie Attack and relish the excitement as you strive to accomplish each mission.

Good luck, soldier, and may victory be yours in Arnie Attack!


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