Stick Monkey

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The monkey embarked on a journey with only a magic stick in tow. In the game Stick Monkey, you'll discover the purpose of this mysterious object. The monkey's path takes her through various terrains: cities, deserts, mountains, and jungles, where roads are either nonexistent or challenging to navigate. In the city, for instance, she travels across rooftops, where traditional paths are absent. To cross the empty gaps, the magic stick becomes essential. It can grow to the exact length needed, transforming into a bridge. Your task is to skillfully adjust the length of the stick so it matches the distance of the gap perfectly. The stick's growth depends on how long you press and hold. Navigate through each terrain by mastering the use of the magic stick.

1. Objective: Help the monkey navigate through various terrains by using the magic stick to cross gaps.

2. Using the Stick: Click and hold to make the stick grow. Release the button to stop the stick's growth.

3. Precise Length: Ensure the stick reaches the exact length needed to bridge the gap. If the stick is too short or too long, the monkey will fall.

4. Terrains: The monkey will travel through different environments such as cities, deserts, mountains, and jungles, each presenting unique challenges.

5. Skillful Control: Adjust the stick’s length carefully based on the distance of the gap to create a safe path for the monkey.

6. Progression: Advance through the game by successfully crossing gaps and navigating challenging terrains.

Enjoy guiding the monkey on her adventurous journey with the magic stick!


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