Flappy Ball

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To keep the ball clear of obstacles, it's essential to look ahead. By paying attention, you can anticipate the next two or three sets of pipes. Prepare yourself, time your kicks perfectly, and keep the ball navigating between the pipes! Our Flappy Ball game boasts an unbeatable high score of 52 – or is it?

1. Strategy: Focus on looking ahead to anticipate upcoming obstacles.

2. Awareness: Pay attention to the next two or three sets of pipes.

3. Timing: Time your kicks perfectly to keep the ball between the pipes.

4. Objective: Navigate the ball through the gaps in the pipes to progress.

5. High Score: Aim to beat the unbeatable high score of 52.

6. Persistence: Keep practicing to improve your skills and surpass your own records.

7. Enjoyment: Have fun playing Flappy Ball and challenge yourself to achieve the highest score possible!

Get ready to test your reflexes and precision in Flappy Ball!


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