Shoot Robbers

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No one breaks into your house and steals your stuff without facing a hail of bullets – it’s time to Shoot Robbers! This thrilling and realistic action game places you in a crow’s nest overlooking your home. Armed and ready, your mission is to wait for the cowardly criminals to appear in your sights and take them down. Prepare to defend your home with precision and determination!

1. Objective: Defend your home by shooting the robbers before they can steal your belongings.

2. Positioning: You are stationed in a crow’s nest overlooking your house.

3. Controls: Use the mouse or touchscreen to aim and click to shoot.

4. Spotting Robbers: Wait for the robbers to appear in front of windows or other vulnerable points.

5. Precision: Aim carefully and take down the robbers quickly to prevent them from breaking in.

6. Reloading: Keep an eye on your ammo and reload as needed to stay prepared for the next wave of intruders.

Defend your home with accuracy and vigilance. Good luck!


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